Building Inspections Hawkes Bay

Express Building Inspections Hawkes Bay is here to ensure you make the right choice, when it comes to purchasing your next property.

My name is Sam and I have a number of services to help property buyers and owners to ensure the integrity of their investment:

  • Pre purchase/ Sale Building Inspections
  • Rental Property Condition Inspections
  • Dilapidation Inspections
  • Tax Depreciation Reports
  • Asbestos Inspections

We realise your home or property is possibly one of your most important assets and our inspections are a great option to safe guard you when making significant decisions.

If you’re buying or selling an investment property or family home we have the perfect inspection for you. We offer professional and prompt service because you need your report fast whilst maintaining the highest standard focusing on attention to detail using advanced reporting software and quality tools.

Our clients enjoy peace of mind when purchasing a major asset thanks to our reports.

“An excellent and thorough report! Much appreciated. I’ll definitely be recommending Express Building Inspections”

Callum from Wairoa

“Talk about on the ball. Adam was clear and comprehensive. He was able to communicate in an easily understandable manner. Very impressed.”

Sharon from Napier

Our Services

Pre Purchase, Pre Sale, Pre Auction Reports and Rental Property Condition Report

Packages start from $480.00+GST.

This is a non-invasive report. We inspect all components inside and out of the property. This Inspection includes moisture metre readings throughout the house. Advice by licensed tradesman in any field. Suggestions will be stated in the report, if is recommended.


Packages start from $250.00+GST

As building inspectors we are aware of the array of products in the industry that contain asbestos. Many products that contained asbestos years ago now do not. However the issue is that many products kept the same appearance, making it difficult to identify without a sample test being carried out, and that sample being sent to a lab to be assessed under microscope. When an asbestos sample report is required we attend site to assess any products that may contain asbestos, we then remove a small sample, following strict safety procedures and personal safety equipment requirements, and the sample is carefully removed from a discreet area, sent to a lab. Test results are revealed as soon as possible with findings and sent to the client.

Do not attempt this yourself. Engage a professional if you have any concerns your property may contain asbestos.

Tax Depreciation Schedule

Packages start from $550+GST.

We attend, assess, and take record of the property including all fixtures and fittings. These are handed to your quantity surveyor and written into your tax depreciation schedule. Benefit for our customers is at tax time with the advice of your accountant you can depreciate your investment property like any other asset.

Healthy Homes assessment

$220.00 + GST

HomeFit is a new, simple standard designed to confirm that existing homes are ‘fit for living’. HomeFit is a warm, healthy
safe and efficient home. HomeFit PLUS is the next step up to being more energy efficient and reducing a home’s impact on the environment. A HomeFit rating also gives buyers and renters confidence that a home meets ventilation, insulation, heating and energy efficiency standards, and gives landlords peace of mind that they’re meeting their obligations too.

Broken ceiling rafter

building inspections hawkes bay

Broken roof tiles

building inspections hawkes bay

Corrosion to gutters

building inspections hawkes bay

Deficient plumbing materials

building inspections hawkes bay

Moisture penetration

building inspections hawkes bay

Poor roof conditions

building inspections hawkes bay

Sub floor leaks

building inspections hawkes bay

Sub floor moisture and mould

building inspections hawkes bay

Wood rot in timber piles

building inspections hawkes bay

I am an accredited Housesafe pre-purchase property inspector, Accreditation Certificate number HS/1073