Dilapidation Reports

Express Dilapidation Reports are records of the condition of an existing property prior to commencement of adjoining development construction work. Development work can include construction of new buildings, units, road works, tunnelling, demolition or alteration to existing retaining walls. The initial property condition report is undertaken prior to commencement of construction or demolition works so that existing cracking or damage to existing buildings and on occasions may include footpaths, roadways, kerbing and the like, is recorded.

After completion of development, construction or demolition works a final inspection is undertaken to establish whether additional damage or cracking has occurred to existing buildings or property, and any additional damage over and above the original recorded damage must be repaired by the developer.

If dilapidation inspections and reports are not undertaken and should additional damage occur to existing property during development, construction or demolitions works, then it is difficult to verify that new damage has actually occurred during the works, which when submitting a claim for damages, could lead to stress, anger, anxiety, dissatisfaction, frustration, disputes and potential monetary issues.